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DETUCK® Multifunctional Geological Compass Professional Military High Precision Magnetic Compass



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Product Description

DETUCK® Multifunctional Geological Compass Features:

  • 1,Multifunctional Geological Compass. Distinguish Orientation; Measuring direction of strike, inclination and the angle of inclination; Azimuthally orientation the direction and position of the place; Measuring slope angle; Establishment of level line; Measuring the right angle of object; Survival signal mirror.
  • 2,High Precision Compass. Needle pointing to magnetic north very accurate, this compass also have a magnetic declination regulator that can manually correct the magnetic declination to improve accuracy.
  • 3,Orienteering Sighting Compass. Compass design with short aligner, long aligner, sighting mirror with a line, will both give you a high sighting accuracy when geographic survey.
  • 4,Durable Pocket Compass. Made by high quality durable plastic, foldable Compass weight 3.8 ounce and size 3.2×2.8×1.4inches suitable size for you put it in your pocket when you go out.
  • 5,Professional Compass. Suit for adventure, geology, topography survey, camping, hiking, mountaineering, climbing, wilderness exploration, sailing, travel, field trip, etc.

DETUCK® Multifunctional Geological Compass Professional Military High Precision Magnetic Compass User Guide:

  1. Use the compass in a horizontal state, make the pointer can be free to rotate, in order to ensure the accuracy of the pointer.
  2. To make sure the compass work correctly, please make it stay away from other magnetic objects that may disturb it’s function,such as: magnets, iron objects, metal objects, electrical appliances, mobile phones, watches, stereos, headphones, tapes, etc.
  3. Don’t hit the compass against other objects ,so as not to affect the accuracy of the pointer.
  4. Don’t approach high temperatures and avoid sun exposure.
  5. Keep the dial plate and the lens clean, do not use a dirty cloth or hand to wipe.
  6. Close it when not use, keep it away from ferromagnetic materials,especially bank cards and other magnetic cards.