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DETUCK® Keychain Compass with Carabiner Portable Pocket Compass



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Product Description

DETUCK® Keychain Compass with Carabiner Portable Pocket Compass Features:

  • 1,Pocket Compass. Pocket compass size 1.97in(D)×0.55in(H),perfect size convenient to carry when you camping hiking.
  • 2,Keychain Compass. Compass with keychain carabiner easily clip it to your belt loops, straps of backpack, keychains etc.
  • 3,High Quality Antique Compass. Compass needle pointing to magnetic north very well, special metal frame and metal bottom design.
  • 4,Great Compass Gift. Great compass gift for men,women,parents,kids,children,friends,family, campers,hikers,Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father ‘Day , Veterans Day, Christmas Day etc.

DETUCK® Keychain Compass with Carabiner User Guide:

  1. Use the compass in a horizontal state, make the pointer can be free to rotate, in order to ensure the accuracy of the pointer.
  2. To make sure the compass work correctly, please make it stay away from other magnetic objects that may disturb it’s function,such as: magnets, iron objects, metal objects, electrical appliances, mobile phones, watches, stereos, headphones, tapes, etc.
  3. Don’t hit the compass against other objects ,so as not to affect the accuracy of the pointer.
  4. Don’t approach high temperatures and avoid sun exposure.
  5. Keep the dial plate and the lens clean, do not use a dirty cloth or hand to wipe.