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DETUCK® Camping Survival Compass Lensatic Sighting Compass Pocket Compass



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Product Description

  • 1,Portable & Compact Compass. Suitable size L:3.03in×W:2.01in×H:0.87in (77mm×51mm×22mm), it is easy handheld in your hand and it is also convenient to take with the lanyard.
  • 2,High Quality Compass. Needle point magnetic north accurately. Case made of by alloy metal copper brass vintage compass, compass is waterproof and Anti-rust.
  • 3,A Sighting Optic. You can read the accurate dial scale through the sighting optic.
  • 4,Glow in Dark North. Help you easy to read north in bad weather after compass exposed to light.
  • 5,Great Compass gift for men, women, kids, children, friends, family, when they camping , hiking,boating,navigation and other outdoor activities.
  • DETUCK Camping Survival Compass Lensatic Sighting Compass User Guide:

    1. Use the compass in a horizontal state, make the pointer can be free to rotate, in order to ensure the accuracy of the pointer.
    2. To make sure the compass work correctly, please make it stay away from other magnetic objects that may disturb it’s function,such as: magnets, iron objects, metal objects, electrical appliances, mobile phones, watches, stereos, headphones, tapes, etc.
    3. Don’t hit the compass against other objects ,so as not to affect the accuracy of the pointer.
    4. Don’t approach high temperatures and avoid sun exposure.
    5. Keep the dial plate and the lens clean, do not use a dirty cloth or hand to wipe.
    6. Keep it away from ferromagnetic materials,especially bank cards and other magnetic cards.