DETUCK(TM) Outdoor Paracord Bracelet Survival Bracelet

I took this apart so I could measure the paracord (you get two in a pack). The paracord is 110″ long (just over 9 feet). Comes with a working whistle, compass and fire starter. Granted the compass is pretty small, but it does in fact work. The fire starter is awkward to get to UNLESS you break off the two prongs on either side. I tried pulling the rod out, but it is stuck fast, and at any rate the bracelet end that it is stuck in makes a great “holding” handle for it. If you are in an emergency, you won’t care if you have to break the prongs off the bracelet. The scraper too, stuck in the bracelet is good because you can hold the bracelet end for more leverage when scraping the rod to make fire.

They COULD have probably snuck some fishing line and a small hook in there somewhere or shoved a small ball of nitrocellulose (guncotton) in, but it’s nice for what it is and I can’t complain. It would seem like a rare thing indeed if you ever truly needed to rely on this for survival. It’s just an insurance policy, kind of like carrying around a first aid kit – most of the time you never need it.

I hope that this review has helped guide your buying decision, either for or against.